I’m Lorren, creator and resident jiggler of Get Jiggly With Me. I’m a lover of food, fitness, and cuddly things, on a mission to get fitter and healthier so I don’t kill myself with food. In the process I’ll probably (well, will because I already have) lose weight too. I’d say I’d get sexier, but I’m already damn fine.

My doctor and my mother said I was fat, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t touch my toes anymore and I knew I had to do something. This is my story.

My Story (told you)

Back in 2014 I lost 20kg, after noticing my weight start to balloon following a bout of depression. I kept the weight off for about a year before illness hit me and left me weak and unable to to much of anything for several months. I lost my job, my home, and a fair bit of my independence in the 4 months I was sick, and in doing so slipped back into depression.

I’ve always eaten my feelings, but this time was different. Instead of just eating because I was upset or unhappy, not having a job and living in a place where I didn’t know anybody meant I’d resorted to boredom eating too. Whilst I was ill, off work, and incapable of going out with friends I’d started to over eat. Once my health had improved but my situation had got worse, I started to binge eat. Luckily, not having a job meant I had limited money to buy food to binge on, but this didn’t last.

I found employment in August 2015, and started back at uni in September. I had money, and I had a host of bad habits. My binge eating got worse and worse, until I could eat 4 doughnuts, 2 share size bars of chocolate and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to myself in under half an hour. I’d disgust myself with my eating habits, but knew I’d do it again the next day. And I always would.

For a long time, my meals had continued to be healthy. It’s what I enjoy most, and I’ve always been fussy with greasy or fatty foods. My parents relied a lot on convenience and freezer foods, as well as ready meals from the local M&S (who can blame them, they’re delicious!) and also facilitated my eating by giving me big portions of meals we’d share together. Eventually, my healthy eating habits were gone, and I started eating junk all day, every day, with binges on sweet treats regularly.

I didn’t weigh myself for the whole of this period. I knew it was bad, and didn’t need anything to tell me that.

I started to get ill again in May 2016, and by August I began putting weight on quicker than ever before. I began half-heartedly trying to lose weight in September, and weighed myself for the first time. I was 106kg/232lb. Unsurprisingly, the shock of this just meant I binged more, and if it wasn’t for financial issues I was having, I would never have lost the 1kg/2lb I did over those 4 months.

In February 2017 I started actually trying to get fitter and healthier. I joined the local gym – something I’d been putting off out of fear for over a year – and started actively trying not to binge. In March 2017, limited finances meant limited extra money for me to spend on binge foods, and meant I had to plan all my meals so I knew if I’d actually be able to eat that day. You could say I partially chose better habits and was partially thrown into them.

As of today, 22nd April 2017, I weigh 98kg/217lb. I’ve lost 6.8kg/15lb in a couple of months, and I’m incredibly pleased with what I’ve done so far. I still have a long way to go, and one of my biggest challenges is to make new eating habits that are sustainable for me.

For me, the important thing is that I don’t do this just for weight loss. Primarily I’m doing this because I need to consume more nutritious food, and do more exercise, and weight loss is a trackable product of those two things (in my case at least!).

This absolutely doesn’t mean I’m on a superfood kick and eating only keto/paleo/insertotherfadhere. I still eat proper food. I haven’t cut out carbs, or fat, or sugar. I don’t own chia or flax seeds. Shake based diets aren’t for me, nor do I think they’re a sustainable way of getting nutrition in the long term. I still eat cheese, bread, chocolate, pizza, doughnuts… you name it, I still eat it! The difference is that that’s not all I eat any more. I snack less often, and on healthier options.

It also absolutely doesn’t mean I go to the gym 7 days a week and work out for 2 hours. I aim to do moderate exercise for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Some weeks I might exceed this, but most I won’t. Some weeks I might not even hit it at all. All of these things are okay.

You can follow my progress and my stories here, and I absolutely invite you along to Get Jiggly With Me.

Go on, join in! You know you want to.